Hard Questions electric vehicles The Shadow infoThe Yallourn Power Station, in VIC
Capacity: 1,480 MW
The Yallourn Power Station provides up to 22% of Victoria's energy supply.
Due to close in 2028 and be replaced by a 350 MW, four-hour, utility-scale battery.


The Current State of Affairs:

The Australian Government, both State and Federal, are making ultimatums on the population without any dialogue, logical thought, or due process. When “EMERGENCY” becomes the normal mode of operation, then wisdom, good sense, and democracy no longer exist.

Removing infrastructure WITHOUT any type of working replacement already in place is a horribly flawed decision. Expecting people to just cope with it is NOT OK.

The government has not adequately asked or answered the questions below in the public forum. These are strategically being avoided.

It is the DUTY of every citizen to question the errors of commission and omission of every governing body. Simply following the ORDERS of the Government and Media is not acceptable whatsoever, and it is not democratic.

Currently, the Media is operating on an agenda that is counter to the survival of Australia as a whole. The media is supposed to be independent of the government. But now, the media is acting as a foreign invader, trying to change the government and the country without the "will of the people". This needs to stop. Who is paying them?


Part 1, The Forced Switchover to Electric Vehicles

Q: How many petrol/diesel vehicles and farm equipment are in use in Australia today?

Q: How many kilowatts of energy does that represent?

Q: How many kilowatts of electricity are produced by the current grid?

Q: If we switch all the petrol/diesel vehicles and farm equipment over to electric, how much does the electric grid need to be increased to charge them and continue to furnish the power that is utilised now?

Renewable power sources, such as wind and solar, cannot work “on demand”. There is only power generated when wind and sun are present. Most people will be charging their vehicles at night.

Q: Since more electricity will be needed to charge the electric vehicles and equipment than exists today, why are electricity producers shutting down power generation plants instead of building new ones to accommodate this increase in electric vehicle usage?

Q: From whom are the electricity producers getting the authority to close down power plants? 

[Reality check: In 2021, China had a further 95 coal-fired power generation plants UNDER CONSTRUCTION. At 1,100 coal power plants (Australia had only 19), “China approved plans to add a total 8.63 gigawatts (GW) of new coal power plants in the first quarter of 2022 alone, already 46.55% the capacity approved throughout 2021. (https://www.greenpeace.org/eastasia/press/7488/plans-for-new-coal-plants-in-china-rebound-with-8-63-gw-approved-in-the-first-quarter-of-2022/ )

Q: COP26 and the G20 have voted to abolish coal-fired power plants. How can China increase its coal-fired power plants without any pushback or complaints from the rest of the world?]



Q: How many lithium batteries can be produced from the lithium deposits located in Australia?

Q: How many years of production does that represent at the current install base of electric vehicles?

Q: How many years of production does that represent if all petrol/diesel vehicles in Australia are switched over to electric, given lithium batteries last an average of 5 years?

Q: Since the lithium producers in Australia have already signed contracts with overseas electric vehicle manufacturers, how much lithium for batteries will be available for use in Australia?

Q: Why aren’t there any government policies on strategic lithium reserves?

Q: Using the concept of EROI (Energy Return on Energy Invested), how much energy is being used to mine, transport, process, and manufacture one lithium power cell?

Q: Can that energy ever be replaced over the lifetime of the electric vehicle?

Australia’s lithium reserves are estimated to be around 2.7 million tons and are currently being utilised at a rate of 51,000 tons per year. At current use rates, the reserves will be depleted in 49 years. (Source: Volkswagen AG. https://www.volkswagenag.com/en/news/stories/2020/03/lithium-mining-what-you-should-know-about-the-contentious-issue.html# )

Q: What is the next energy alternative beyond lithium, and is that being produced yet, or will the government wait until 2066 and then pass laws banning lithium batteries ten years later, by 2076, as is currently being done with petrol/diesel?

ACT and VIC have passed laws banning the sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035.

Q: So, who is pushing the agenda to stop petrol and diesel vehicle sales and production, given there are no logical and readily available alternatives or infrastructure?

Q: Where are the States getting the authority to break Australian society without responsibility for the effects it is causing and the end result?

Q: Why does the media block questions like these from being asked or broadcast?


Demand that your Senator answer these questions!

If your Political Party CANNOT answer these questions,
then it is time to change to one that can.

If the Government refuses to be accountable for its actions,
then it is time to REMOVE the government.

The decision is and has always been YOURS.
You are NOT a guinea pig for the government's whims.
Remember: they work for YOU.


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