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We have entered an era where draconian changes to society are being forced on us, not by laws or the Democratic process, but by the media and corporations who are following the edicts of unelected governing bodies.

This SOURCE of the majority of social chaos has simply not been addressed.

These lawsuits need to happen NOW:

Against Media Organisations

  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act charges need to be brought against all mainstream media companies (FOX, CNN, NY Times, Facebook, Google, etc.) for taking part in a global conspiracy to control public thought and opinion, propagating disinformation and for becoming instruments of propaganda instead of acting as a neutral 4th estate. The SAME rhetoric and words are being broadcast worldwide while simultaneously suppressing any dissenting opinion or data, viciously attacking, maligning, and censoring all individuals (including Doctors and Scientists) who offer a differing view.
  • Charges of Treason against same for engaging in actioning the edicts of WEF agendas - which have not been voted for by the people nor ratified by Congress. The WEF is a foreign aggressor who, by its own admission and documentation, states that its goal is to remove all Democratic and sovereign governments worldwide.

Against Banks, Corporations, and Businesses

  • Charges of conspiracy and racketeering for following and actioning ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) edicts mandated by the WEF and UN Agendas and furthered by financial institutions such as Blackrock. Example: discontinuing the use of cash as legal tender; a push for a cashless society; prohibiting loans for gasoline and diesel engine vehicles; only approving commercial building loans for tall apartment buildings WITHOUT any parking spaces (as per WEF mandate and UN Agenda 2030).
  • For unlawfully violating the Constitutional rights of citizens, such as freedom of speech and right to transact commerce and business. Closing people's bank accounts based on their political viewpoint and prohibiting credit card transactions of legal purchases is, by definition, a violation of the Constitutional rights of the persons involved. These organisations and entities have engaged in the wholesale manipulation of society without any due process or democratic right, all for financial and strategic gain.

Any company "policies" that go against Constitutional rights must be abolished. Corporatism (where the corporations make the laws) is fascism and has no place in our society.

These organisations and entities have colluded with the US government and foreign governments to action un-voted for laws and agendas. This is malfeasance and fraud.

The damage done to society through their actions is abominable yet self-evident.

A wise man once said that the WRONG thing to do is NOTHING.

The time is now.