NZ WEF Puppets


Jacinda Ardern resigned today. But there is still a lot of work to be done.

On the day Jacinda leaves, she will no longer be legally protected by the post she has. 

The entire Labour/Greens Government is guilty of TREASON by following the WEF mandates.
This is covered under the CRIMES ACT 1961, Part 5, Section 73:

  • How many people died because of the FALSE COVID and VAX mandates?
  • How many businesses closed because of LABOUR'S COVID ACT?
  • Shutting down the entire country for the FLU? [COVID-19 never passed Koch's Postulates anywhere in the world]
  • Forcing the PCR test on the entire country when the PCR test CANNOT tell the difference between "covid" or 200+ other substances?
  • Funding Pacifika organisations with tens of millions of dollars to enforce COVID TESTING on the poorest of NZ's population?
  • University professors, scientists, and researchers FIRED for posting and writing about the "BAD SCIENCE" being used by the NZ Govt to squash the country?
  • Medical Doctors, Health Practitioners, and Nurses FIRED for opposing the government's mandates?
  • Employees FIRED for refusing the EXPERIMENTAL "mRNA vaccine"?
  • How many New Zealanders have DIED because of the mRNA Vaccine?
  • How many FARMERS committed suicide because their land was taken away under UN Agenda 2030 and SNA (Significant Nature Areas)?
  • The Tiwai Point aluminium smelter shut down because of the FALSE "climate change" agenda?
  • New Zealand's only oil refinery shut down?
  • Cow burps and farts are a "climate emergency"?
  • Banned all coal that NZ now has to IMPORT coal at a high price?
  • UTE tax? Banning diesel and gas engine vehicle sales? Banning LPG?
  • Quietly bringing in tens of thousands of immigrants during the lockdown?
  • Allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the country during an economic, housing, and infrastructure crisis?
  • Allowing VISAs for Muslim "child brides" because it is a "social custom" that we need to accept?
  • Blocking Christian refugees coming from Muslim countries?
  • The LGBT+ Agenda being forced on the entire country?
  • Gender change operations for 10-year olds?
  • High-Density Housing in City Centres per UN Agenda 2030: with NO PARKING SPACES?
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars paid to PR and Marketing companies to "convince the NZ public"?
  • Trillion-dollar debt (mostly to China)?
  • Apartheid being forced on the country?
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars TO BUY OFF THE NZ MEDIA?
  • More than 370 NGOs (non-governmental organizations) being funded at over $8 BILLION per year to make SOCIAL CHANGES without your consent?
  • ZERO transparency of the government's actions?
  • Directing Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram to BAN FREE SPEECH?
  • Using UN Peacekeeper troops to squash the protestors at Parliament? [Those were NOT NZ Police, folks!]
  • Turning New Zealand from a Democracy into a Socialist Totalitarian state? 


More RIGHTS have been taken away under this Labour/Greens government than at any time in New Zealand's history.

Time to step up and take back New Zealand!

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