new zealand govt cycle of abuse

“An apology without change is manipulation. But when
a government does this, it is called public affairs.”

– Michael Stace, Reset New Zealand Party, 2020

Question: What is it about New Zealand where ‘any change’ is considered a bad thing? Why do New Zealanders, and especially the New Zealand government, like to hold on to broken things that don’t work, don’t produce a good result, yet continually announce how good they are?

Answer: Abuse

“The cycle of abuse is a social cycle theory developed in 1979 by Lenore E. Walker
to explain patterns of behavior in an abusive relationship.
The phrase is also used more generally to describe any set of conditions
which perpetuate abusive and dysfunctional relationships…”

– Wikipedia

Unfortunately, this also perfectly describes the relationship between the New Zealand government and the society of New Zealand.

Political ad guru, John Ansell, marvellously spotted the Achilles heel of New Zealand as “Niceism”.

This is where ALL things must be accepted and tolerated, NO MATTER WHAT, because “this is what New Zealanders do”. It is a gross perversion of the British “stiff upper lip”. Anyone who complains or goes against the “perceived” norm is viewed as a ‘bad egg’, a troublemaker, and therefore is an outsider and must be ostracised and punished.

The problem with this approach is that it absolutely guarantees that bad situations, bad policies, people, relationships, political parties, and groups, will continue to exist – as anathema to any solutions.

The broken stays broken – because to fix it wouldn’t be “nice”.

A phrase that is used a lot in New Zealand is, "That's the way we've always done things." Well, just letting you know that the 'powers that be' have drilled that lie into society for many decades just so that they could continue getting away with their deceptions and scams.

Another word for this situation is INSANITY. And to continue this line will be the end of New Zealand as a country and full slavery for its occupants.

I have news for you: New Zealand is nearly there. The past three years have proven this beyond a doubt – but most New Zealanders are too blind to see it.


  • New Zealand closed its borders months after the pandemic began. Way too late to stop any international transmission.
  • Yet hundreds and hundreds of flights came into NZ every week. Thousands of flights came in from China directly.
  • Hundreds of immigrant families are brought into NZ during the Level 4 lockdown.
  • Tens of thousands of businesses closed or went insolvent because of the lockdowns.
  • The suicide rate in some cities multiplied by 5X. The government StatisticsNZ website removed the suicide stats page. The Ministry of Health said that suicide rates actually went down.
  • Tens of thousands of 5G cell phone towers, transmitters, and video cameras were installed during the Level 4 lockdown throughout the entire country, even though all building and infrastructure projects were ‘stopped’ due to the dangers of ‘covid’.
  • Many hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on advertising and PR agencies to “convince people” that COVID was dangerous and that they needed to get the “vax”. (New Zealand has now admitted that it has the highest level of registered deaths in 100 years. None of those who “died suddenly” were vaxxed.)
  • Parliament used the loophole in Section 4 of the Bill of Rights to confer police powers under the COVID Public Health Response Act, taking away more rights than at any other time in New Zealand's history.
  • The 'Right to Life' of babies was taken away by the Abortion Legislation Bill, which was passed into law during the Level 4 lockdown, with no public consultation or referendum.
  • Mainstream NZ Media was given $125 Million dollars to publish only pro-government articles, continue the COVID-19 terror every single day, write articles praising the government’s response to the COVID false flag, attack scientists, researchers, and political parties who would dare try and go against the government’s rhetoric – branding them as conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremists.
  • Jacinda let the NZ Media know that if Labour won the 2020 election, they would receive an additional $50 Million. They did.
  • During the 2020 election campaign, the NZ Government reached out to social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to censor free speech and any dissenting posts. More than $17 Million was paid to Facebook directly to open offices in New Zealand to monitor online activity and block and ban user accounts.
  • During the 2020 general election, political parties were censored, demonised in the media, and one party in particular, AdvanceNZ, was completely de-platformed from Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook 5-days before the election.
  • The NZ Defence force carried out live-fire exercises simulating quelling riots from protestors.
  • By 2022, the NZ media received a total of $250 Million to continue to be the government’s mouthpiece. One of the provisos of that money was that the NZ Media would parrot non-stop the Climate Change agenda, Climate Emergency, LGBTQ+ agenda, UN Agenda 2030, anti-petrol and diesel vehicles agenda, anti-Coal agenda, smart cities agenda, cash money is bad agenda, the white supremacists in NZ theory, beef and lamb are bad for the environment, and especially bringing about Apartheid 2,0: the stealth changing of all ‘white English’ names of places, streets, and departments to MAORI, which includes changing the name of New Zealand to Aotearoa – all without ANY public consent or vote.
  • New Zealand farmers were the single highest suicide group, yet that statistic isn’t public as it falls under State secrecy for some reason.
  • The New Zealand Government funded more than 300 NGOs (non-governmental organisations) to the tune of $8 Billion per year. These NGOs were not elected and did not follow any publicly voted platforms.

The NGOs are responsible for pushing and enforcing all these items you did not vote for:

  • the LGBTQ+ agenda
  • transitioning of young kids to other genders (without parental consent)
  • the Climate Emergency farce
  • Changing all “white English” names of places and items to Maori
  • Changing all government departments to the Maori language first
  • Push for eliminating English as the primary language, forcing all to speak Maori
  • Veganism
  • Greenism
  • anti-meat industry
  • anti-dairy industry
  • control all freshwater sources
  • banning all plastics
  • banning fishing
  • banning boating
  • banning hunting
  • banning guns
  • 15-minute cities
  • Painting the LGBT rainbow across the street in front of every Council building in NZ
  • Adding ‘inclusion’ wording to all Civic laws, with penalties even if pronouns are used incorrectly
  • speed limit reductions
  • Smart Cities (without vehicles)
  • building of high-rise apartment buildings with NO PARKING SPACES
  • the Digital ID
  • the elimination of all cash money
  • Vaccine Passports
  • Removal of all non-NZ author books from the Central Library stating that all writings that are not of NZ origin are irrelevant to NZ
  • banning all non-electric vehicles
  • banning of LPG and natural gas usage
  • banning of wood-fired stoves and fireplaces/burners
  • Closing bush areas and beach areas to the public

Basically, the NGOs in New Zealand are pushing and implementing the agenda of the WEF (World Economic Forum) – an unelected body of super-rich “elite” people pushing for a One World Government, the elimination of all meat, elimination of all petrol and diesel vehicles, elimination of all currency, etc. The end game for the WEF is to own and control all food, water, housing, banking, energy, communication, and travel. This is complete totalitarianism.

“You will own nothing and be happy.”
-- Klaus Schwab, Chairman of the WEF

So, what did New Zealanders do about all the above?  NOTHING OF CONSEQUENCE AT ALL.

This is called TACIT APPROVAL: the approving and agreeing to something without actually saying so – because there was no real opposition to it; i.e., nobody stopped it or tried to stop it.

With “niceism” you will ALWAYS lose.

OK, let’s be fair here. It isn’t all the public’s responsibility, because you were DUPED.


New Zealand Isn’t a Country
In 1986 under the Constitution Act of 1986 and the Imperial Laws Application Act of 1988,  Parliament seized total control and sovereignty over the country. The public was not informed of this stealth takeover. 

The Governor General now reports to a fictitious entity called, the Queen of New Zealand. The real Crown vacated New Zealand in 1986 (Interview, Gregory Baughen, Secretary, NZ Governor General, 2020).

This is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the people of New Zealand and it is a matter of public record.

Seizing the sovereignty was an illegal act – but nobody has done anything about it.

What this did was also grant Parliament full sovereignty over all the people of New Zealand.

It, at the same time, removed the sovereignty of New Zealand as a country and people.

Essentially, what we now have is a Parliamentary dictatorship. Parliament can create any law it wants to without any hesitation or liability.

Above the Law
How the legal structure of New Zealand is formed is this (top-down):

  • Crown
  • Governor General
  • Parliament and Judiciary (Judges and the Courts)
  • Laws
  • Public

It does not take an Einstein to see that Parliament and the Courts are ABOVE THE LAW, literally.

This means that they CANNOT be subject to any laws – thus they can get away with any “illegal” act and not be prosecuted for it.

In 2010 I was in Wellington and returning home from dinner. On passing the Beehive (Parliament) I noticed a black Mercedes that was driving erratically. It got onto the freeway, weaving the entire time; obviously drunk. I stayed behind the vehicle and phoned the police, giving them the vehicle plate number. I followed the vehicle all the way to Petone, where the person stopped for gas. The police assured me that a unit would intercept the target vehicle. I noticed one, two, and then three police cars drive by. None stopped. The driver then continued to Eastbourne and turned into a gated house.

Years later I mentioned that scenario to a police detective. Out of curiosity, he ran the vehicle plates that I had taken down. The vehicle belonged to a then Member of Parliament (MP). Because of his position, the police did nothing (could do nothing), even though he was drunk and breaking the law.

In New Zealand all people are equal, but some people are more equal than others.


Red and Blue Over and Over Create a Bruise
Can you now see that “changing the government to National” will do nothing to solve these issues?

Changing the government from Red to Blue or Yellow or Green can do nothing to change the above issues. All the minor parties are also dreaming, as they are not willing to do what it takes.

Politics in New Zealand is an agreement to legally screw over the people of New Zealand in order to keep the tax money coming in so that it can be endlessly funnelled to collaborators and friends.

So, how did Jacinda Ardern leave politics with over $24 Million in her bank account? From whom?


The New Zealand Government Cycle of Abuse in Action (or, more appropriately, inaction)

  1. Incident Occurs (flood, fire, earthquake) / shows major flaws in the infrastructure, building codes, resource consent, etc.

  2. Limited and slow response by the Government to the incident and the people. Those not affected put together relief packages and try to deliver them to the affected areas.
    1. Instead of helping, the Government warns people to donate money directly to the Government instead of donating goods to the groups who are actually helping.
    2. NZ Govt and NZ Police disregard reports of looting and armed thuggery by gangs in the affected areas. Main NZ Media outlets do not publish any articles about the looting on grounds that the allegations are ‘racist’.

  3. Government promises to fix the problem. The leader sets up a controlled photo-op near the incident. Only supporters are allowed to be in the crowd. No dissenting voices are allowed.

  4. NZ Media praises the government's reaction to the incident. Refuses to publish any articles or opinions that are contradictory with the Government.

  5. Time goes by. People cope and life gets back to normal as best can.

  6. A district or local newspaper runs an article that nothing has been done by the government to fix the infrastructure liabilities. This embarrasses the Government. Mainstream NZ Media does not publish the ‘opinion’.

  7. Wellington says they are working on it. Spends $500,000 – $900,000+ on consultants to study the problem. Does not consult with local people who are familiar with the issues or Councils that have actual data regarding the issues.

  8. Time goes on. Nothing happens, and the problem is not resolved. The media no longer reports on the issues.

  9. Rates and insurance increases.

  10. The incident occurs once again.

  11. (rinse, repeat)


Help? What help?
Section 9 of the Defence Act gives the provision to use the Military for assistance in time of need. The NZ Defence Force turned down requests by East Coast mayors for help in quelling the looters after the Cyclone in Feb 2023 – because the PM said there wasn’t any problem.

Hard to fix a problem when the leader of the government denies that any problem exists.
Hard to fix a problem when the PM lies…


What Can Be Done About It?
In order to break the cycle of abuse, the New Zealand government in its entirety needs to be confronted and brought to justice.

This problem cannot be fixed at the level of government, politics, or NZ Courts.

The matter of the illegal Constitution Act of 1986 and Imperial Laws Application Act of 1988 needs to be brought to the International Court of Justice at the Hague in Brussels.

The entire FRAMEWORK of the New Zealand government must be abolished completely.

  • All politicians who were enacting the edicts of the WEF need to be prosecuted and jailed.

  • All news media who participated in suppressing information and spreading propaganda need to be prosecuted and jailed.

  • A full investigation into the past governments' agreements and financial dealings need to be convened with full transparency.

Then, as the Reset NZ Party said in 2020:

  • Write a new Constitution.
  • Write a Constitution for the People.
  • Write a real Bill of Rights.
  • Have these documents act as a foundation for all other laws, which includes full Checks and Balances and Transparency inherent to them.

This is the way.

But, you better hurry. The Communist Labour Party is already tearing New Zealand society apart with false racism.

Labour, and Chris Hipkins, are NOT your friend.

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